Recently I was trawling Etsy and I found a couple of awesome tops that I could so wear to work. I tend to wear suits to work, some with pants, others with skirts, that I had tailored in India. I'm always on the look out for nice long-sleeved tops to go with but sadly, hardly anyone wears long-sleeved tops to work. Blokes maybe, but no the ladies. Oh, and tops that don't flash the cleavage either.

So hear are some picks that I am tempted to throw in my virtual shopping cart. Some are a little loud, but then again, I'm not one to be boring!

I love the front of this. Plus it's nice and loose so it won't stick to my in summer.

Polka dots and pin-striped! This just has funky written all over it.

For a less formal look, this peasant-girl kind of top would be awesome.

This one reminds me of Reuben from Ocean's Eleven. He's always wearing those vintage suits and tops, especially the ones with the ruffles. Vegas, anyone?

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I only recently discovered this style of dress. Though I had seen it plenty times before, I never actually knew the term for it. Now I know - Steampunk. Born from the imaginations of Jules Vern, HG Wells and the like, steampunk is not only a fashion inspiration but also exists in literature, art and entertainment. Personally I love it. It's got that old-fashioned feel mixed with a kind of other-dimensional technology that makes it seem like the industrial revolution never ended and just continued on.

Below are some examples of steampunk including to blokes from the Brisbane Supanove event in 2008.

I love this cuadaroy bolero. It's just so funky.

Such a sweet jacket for winter. It looks so warm and awesome.  

This is classified as a wedding jacket which would be perfect for any hijaabi wanting to convert a traditional wedding dress into something a little more modest.

Just thought I'd throw this in here because it's such a good example of steampunk fashion.

And those guys at Supanova. Apparently they were dressed as anime characters from a comic series that's all steampunky.

So what do you think of Steampunk?

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I'm so sorry, my darling followers, that I've been a little MIA as of late. I've been so busy storyboarding a book trailer for my novel The Order of the Rose and organising everything for the shoot in March that I've found it difficult to keep up with my fashion endevours! But don't worry - insha allah I'll do some more designs and possibly some more fascinators, as they take the least amount of time to create, so there will be more up here soon!

For now I'll just leave you with a sneak-a-peek preview at my storyboard. I'm so super excited about this! Also keep an eye out for my new website and Youtube vlogs regarding my book. Peace!