First of all, I don't usually do "New Years Resolutions" but this year I thought I'd try it out! I decided that I finally needed to focus on just a few things and try to stick to them instead of tripping all over the place like I usually do. So here we go:

1. Instead of doing big fashion pieces, I thought I'd try doing more smaller pieces, like more fascinators and hijaabs (you'll see what I mean by hijaabs in a few days). That way I'll have more time and also more pieces for sale.

2. I'm going to finish my book and get it published (confidence, that's all I need!!)

3. I'm enrolling in a course (part-time since I still need money!) so I'm going to be studying as well.

4. I've started taking my photography business seriously and so in the next few weeks I'll be doing some serious advertising so I can hopefully insha allah get a few start-up jobs.

They're pretty much my only "resolutions" - I need to keep it simple otherwise I reckon I'd never get anything done! Hopefully I'll have some pics up soon of my hijaab/scarf I'm working on. It's too cute! I kind of want to keep it for myself...

Etsy Dress of the Day

Vintage 70's. I love it. The slight puffiness of the sleeves and gorgeous obi-styled belt. Perfect summer dress.