Over the last couple of weeks I've been a tad busy, hence the reason I've not stopped by to update my blog as much. As I posted a little while back, I'll be focusing much more on publishing my book this year so for the past week I've been organising a shoot to make a book trailer. For 30seconds worth of trailer it's a lot of work!
But I'm a little off track. I've also been making a wedding present for one of my friends which I finally finished last weekend.

So here it is. I bought the scarf but all the embroidery, plait-work and beading are done by me.

This is a wide shot of the scarf. The other end only has the tassels braided otherwise it would have been too heavy.

All the sequins are individually hand-sewn onto the scarf.

The beading includes some rhinestones used for the centres of some of the flowers.

I also had another friend who celebrated her birthday this month. She is a massive Twilight fan so I made this for her. It's an original idea that popped into my head one night while I was trying to think of what to make her. I call it a book pocket.

Made mostly of felt, the 'I' is hand sewn sequins and the 'twilight' is made of small, white inidividual beads.

The whole pocket is hand stitched together, as is the edging of the apple and the top of the case. The sequins are meant to represent the vampire's skin (how it sparkles), the apple for the book, the white beads for how Edward's body is like marble and the glass bead at the top represents the small crystal heart on Bella's bracelet. 

So that's what I've been up too. Over the next few days I'll be storyboarding for my book trailer but hopefully I'll have some more time next week! Oh, and I might be making the flowergirl's dress for another friend's wedding, but that's just an idea for now. Have a great weekend insha allah! >_<