I thought I needed to start something up again since I've been so slack it's ridiculous! Sorry readers! I've just been so busy with my other blog and my photography that I've been neglecting you all.

Here is my new series - Etsy Pick of the Day. I'll go trawling through the hundreds of awesome vintage pieces on Etsy and pop one up here with a bit of commentary. If you like it, just click here and it'll take you to the listing. I will also stick it in my favourites to the right. I'm still working on that hijaab - pics real soon, I promise!

Things I love about this blouse:
1. It's pink
2. It's got that gorgeous little ruffle that's not so big it takes over as the dominating feature
3. Cute puffy sleeves
4. It's not too tight and looks really comfy
5. Nice high neck-line

This shirt is perfect for hijaabis and is a gorgeous vintage piece! I might have to tag it and buy it after my next pay (PS - it's not expensive either!). I can tell you now, I would have a hard time finding anything like this nowadays!

So what do you think?
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  1. Eliza Says:

    I love that!
    its really fresh and floaty
    probably prefer it in a lighter pink - like an oyster colour or maybe eggshell!

    love, Elizaaa

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