It's my Etsy pick of the day again. Sorry I don't have any pics of my friend's hijaab yet - I've just spent the last two days making a book pocket for another friend's birthday. Come to think of it, I do way too much at the same time! But I promise, I'll be back to finishing it off tonight insha allah!

So, back to Etsy. Today I've got something a little bit unusual but totally fantastic.

I know what you're thinking: 'Pink again??' But really I picked this one for the design. It's a different type of layering, to say the least, and the visibility of the white underneath gives the skirt a dimensional affect and the pattern of the top layer adds to the affect even more. And besides, it doesn't need to be pink - any colour would do the trick, really! Though if I were to have it, it would definitely have to be bright like this one!