I thought, since so many people I know are getting married at the moment, I would do up a wedding post. I think I may have done something similar before, but obviously that was too long ago!

So here are my ideas for a wedding, including the bridesmaids if you're having any. Or maybe you want to wear red on your wedding day! I'm choosing items that can easily be hijaabified from the vintage section of Etsy so enjoy!

This gorgeous Mexican Wedding Dress is delicate and so easily hijaabified!

Go a little Boho with this 60s/70s wedding get-up

I have a love affair with vintage gloves. These short, beaded white gloves are perfect for any wedding.

Dress a little Victorian with these beautiful lace-ups.

This 1920's veil is so hijaab-like, I couldn't go past it.

Bridesmaid or something a little different? Just chuck a cute little bolero on with these two beauties from the 50s.

If you like any of these, I have them saved in my Etsy favourites to the right. Some are quite reasonably priced (especially for vintage!) - the Mexican wedding dress is only 45USD!

What would you wear for your wedding? Or rather, if you're already hitched, what did you wear?
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  1. LemonyRenee' Says:

    I love that last little red number . . . looks just like a Christmas package.

    For my wedding, in 1994, I wore the traditional, elaborate wedding gown. I guess I wouldn't change it . . . it was what I had been dreaming of all my life. If I were to do it again, now, though . . . I think my husband and I would be in casual clothes that reflect who we really are now . . . not the idealized version I had when I was a child.

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