Hi all,

Sorry I've been a little MIA over the last week. I suffered a major blow and ended up in hospital for a bit then didn't get a chance to visit the blog. In any case, tomorrow is the start of holidays for me so I am off for about 2 weeks but insha allah hopefully I'll be back with some more designs and ideas and perhaps I'll even have my sewing table set up! About time too!

So to all my followers, Happy Holidays - take it easy and have a fantastic time!!


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Over the last couple of days I've had an idea brewing in my head. I have a few friends who are pregnant and I've come to realise how difficult it is to buy clothes that last all the way through the pregnancy.

So I've come up with an idea. It kind of reminds me of a victorian era dress/skirt except the top is sort of corseted so that it can be expanded as the belly grows. Here is a front view of it...

This is a back view. You can see how it slants downwards. I thought I'd leave the ribbons long but they can always be tied up if you don't like it like that.

This is a side view of the corset-like split. It has a panel beneath it that folds to the side when made smaller but allows for expantion when/if needed. Therefore this kind of skirt can be worn during pregnancy or any other time. They're not just for those with the baby in the belly!
There is one of these on each hip so that it can be let out equally.

I think I'm liking this one more than that other dress so insha allah I'm hoping to start this one instead! What do you think? Which colours do you think I should try with this one?
I was lead to the most awesome website today - it's called Operation Beautiful. It is a site on a mission to end Fat Talk: that talk that leaves us feeling hurt emotionally, physically and spiritually. We need to end Fat Talk now! The way this site proposes on doing this is by leaving anonymous messages in public restrooms telling the next reader that they're beautiful or fantastic the way they are. I'm going to do it 'cos I am sick to death already of hearing young girls and even older women carry on about how their bodies suck and how they think they're fat when really they should be seeing the beauty in themselves!

Go to the Operation Beautiful page and check it out. I think this is one small idea that can have great effects! I'm starting right now!

I thought, since so many people I know are getting married at the moment, I would do up a wedding post. I think I may have done something similar before, but obviously that was too long ago!

So here are my ideas for a wedding, including the bridesmaids if you're having any. Or maybe you want to wear red on your wedding day! I'm choosing items that can easily be hijaabified from the vintage section of Etsy so enjoy!

This gorgeous Mexican Wedding Dress is delicate and so easily hijaabified!

Go a little Boho with this 60s/70s wedding get-up

I have a love affair with vintage gloves. These short, beaded white gloves are perfect for any wedding.

Dress a little Victorian with these beautiful lace-ups.

This 1920's veil is so hijaab-like, I couldn't go past it.

Bridesmaid or something a little different? Just chuck a cute little bolero on with these two beauties from the 50s.

If you like any of these, I have them saved in my Etsy favourites to the right. Some are quite reasonably priced (especially for vintage!) - the Mexican wedding dress is only 45USD!

What would you wear for your wedding? Or rather, if you're already hitched, what did you wear?
I did a quick little post about my friend Laura who has just graduated from CIT in Canberra here (with top marks, mind you!). The class had their graduating fashion show Raw Edge the other night and I thought I would chuck up some pics of Laura's collection.

Laura's collection is called Laura C and she takes a lot of inspiration from her dance background (she's also an awesome dance teacher) and she mixes it together with her love of black and grunge. What results is an awesome mix of two opposites that really set her apart from the other collections.

 Laura is the one coming down the middle (the one smiling!)

Early next year Laura will be joining a showcase in Sydney called Debut which is super exciting for her. To check out that website, click here. We want to wish Laura the best of luck and we can't wait to see what she comes up with next!
Eep! I am such the most slack person in the world at the moment. I started cutting out material the other night but, alas, I feel that will be my only progress this week as I have a farewell cake to bake (I'm thinking 3 tier, so it won't be easy!), about 100 photographs to edit for the dance concert the other week and some desperate cleaning of my house to be done. Given the fact that I also work during the day (boo!) I think my dress will be delayed just a little. However, this one, once finished, is going straight up on my Etsy site so keep an eye out - I may just have a creative fit one night and get it all done!

Hope you all have a fantabulous week insha allah! Now to that cake...

Some of you may know (and some of you won't) that I am starting up a small photography venture here in Canberra. I have just started up a site to showcase my work and to advertise so go over and check it out! My website is listed to the right of this posting or you can just click here for my site and here for my flickr portfolio. Leave comments - I love feedback!