Hi lovelies! I have being envisioning this abaaya style dress for my next project. I couldn't stick to small things, could I? No. I have to go for the big tamali.

So I have this nice stretchy pink material (not lurid by any means, more pastel pink than anything) and I also have some nice sheer black material for layering. So, what I thought was I would make a wide sleeved abaaya with the pink material then have the black material layered over the top, cut like a poncho but split in the middle so that when the arms were down it would drape really nicely. I hope to get a sketch up soon, but right now I am on a really cruddy comp that doesn't let me do anything so for now you might just have to imagine. Sound any good?

I am also thinking a skirt that gathers at the side and falls to the floor. Or perhaps a skirt with the same black material feathered at the back into a short train. I love trains.

Anyways, I might get this started in the next few weeks but I need to get my table out in the garage set up so I can 'set up shop' as my hubby calls it!
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