Hi everyone! Since I have been stuck at a computer with limited creative ability other than to be able to surf the net all week, I have been unable to post any new ideas as such. This weekend insha allah I am hoping to get out my material and start on something but until then, I have decided to post something a little different.

November is Movember peoples! For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's when guys grow a mustache (mo) or girls support a mo-guy and raise money for charitable foundations such as Beyond Blue and Prostate Cancer Research Centre (this is in Australia - other countries may support different men's health charities). This weekend we are having a curry night where my hubby will whip out his curry spices and fill the house with Indian curry smells. If you are in Canberra, please feel free to come along! My facebook page is Alysha Khokhar and I have details of the event there.

However, if you're not in the general vicinty, as I may suspect most of you are, but would like to make a donation and sponsor my hubby's quest to grow a mighty mo, here is his donation site. You can also check out his mo-gress (hehe)!

Have a great weekend and I'll post some new stuff next week!

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  1. LemonyRenee' Says:

    This sounds like such fun for a good cause. I'm not aware of such a thing in the U.S.

  2. Alysha Says:

    Really? Cos if you go onto the Movamber site the US is one of the countries that particpates. Maybe it's not too far spread yet...

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