My friend Laura from dancing is currently finishing her fashion design degree, of which I am slightly jealous. Her designs are very ballet-esque but as you can see, she likes to add a touch of grunge to some of her outfits. These are just some of her fantastic designs.

Personally I love the one shoulder gold piece. Pretty!

This one is so cool. I love the tulle and the big overlapping frills.

As part of the graduating class for 2009, are holding a competition for people to vote on their favs. If Laura wins, she'll get some beyond awesome advertising for her label and I'm betting she's going to be freakin' huge!

So please help her out! Got to OutInCanberra and vote for Laura McCormack - she's the next big thing!

Hi lovelies! I'm going to be in Brisbane for the next couple of days so until next week, take care and Eid Mubarak! Hope you and you're families have a wonderful and blessed Eid insha allah!

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Ok, so I am starting a new project - finally! Insha allah I'll start a bit tonight though, because I'm going to Brisbane on Wednesday for a couple of days, I probably I won't get much done this week! I am thinking all pink (cos I love pink and I have an absolute ton of pink material to plunder) and I am thinking of making this one a 2-in-1 - abaaya/caftan-like outfit but then the sleeves can gather at the bottom and a belt put around under the bust to create a cute empire-waisted dress.

So there it is. The next project. This will be going straight on to my etsy shop site insha allah so keep an eye out!
Hi everyone! Since I have been stuck at a computer with limited creative ability other than to be able to surf the net all week, I have been unable to post any new ideas as such. This weekend insha allah I am hoping to get out my material and start on something but until then, I have decided to post something a little different.

November is Movember peoples! For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's when guys grow a mustache (mo) or girls support a mo-guy and raise money for charitable foundations such as Beyond Blue and Prostate Cancer Research Centre (this is in Australia - other countries may support different men's health charities). This weekend we are having a curry night where my hubby will whip out his curry spices and fill the house with Indian curry smells. If you are in Canberra, please feel free to come along! My facebook page is Alysha Khokhar and I have details of the event there.

However, if you're not in the general vicinty, as I may suspect most of you are, but would like to make a donation and sponsor my hubby's quest to grow a mighty mo, here is his donation site. You can also check out his mo-gress (hehe)!

Have a great weekend and I'll post some new stuff next week!

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Want to win some Ugg Boots? Click here to enter and you might just get some! I've always wanted some!!
Hi lovelies! I have being envisioning this abaaya style dress for my next project. I couldn't stick to small things, could I? No. I have to go for the big tamali.

So I have this nice stretchy pink material (not lurid by any means, more pastel pink than anything) and I also have some nice sheer black material for layering. So, what I thought was I would make a wide sleeved abaaya with the pink material then have the black material layered over the top, cut like a poncho but split in the middle so that when the arms were down it would drape really nicely. I hope to get a sketch up soon, but right now I am on a really cruddy comp that doesn't let me do anything so for now you might just have to imagine. Sound any good?

I am also thinking a skirt that gathers at the side and falls to the floor. Or perhaps a skirt with the same black material feathered at the back into a short train. I love trains.

Anyways, I might get this started in the next few weeks but I need to get my table out in the garage set up so I can 'set up shop' as my hubby calls it!
Hi all! First I'd like to thank all those lovely people who entered the giveaway contest. You guys rock! To anyone who didn't enter - tsk tsk! You gotta be in it to win it peoples!! Maybe next time...

So here are the winners - I will contact you regarding addresses real soon so I can send you your prize!

First Prize: Wanda

Second Prize: Sally

Third Prize: Modest Justice

Congratulations guys! Hope you like your prizes. I have some new designs going up soon (clothing as well) so keep an eye on this blog and also my etsy page
Ok, so remember last week how I said I bought a ton of material from some place that was closing down? Well here it is - there is an absolute bucket load of pinks stretchy material, some really nice gorgette type stuff, some really pretty red sheer material and even some silver silky stuff! All in all, I can't wait to put scissor to material and start making something insha allah. I have an interesting idea for a skirt and a dress in my head so we'll see how it goes. I still have to 'set up shop' as my hubby calls it in our new place so it may not be for a few weeks yet. Keep an eye out!

Oh, and if you are still wanting to get into the giveaway, it closes tomorrow night so there's still time!

Hi everyone! I'm having to postpone the results for the giveaway until next wednesday insha allah given that I've got an uber busy weekend coming up. However, this gives you more time to enter as well! Tell your friends, facebook it, twitter it, blog about it - whatever you like! For now, have an awesome weekend insha allah and I'll see you all next week!!

Hi lovelies! Just letting you know that the giveaway of all those goodies I stuck up last week is coming to an end so if you haven't entered yet, please do so ASAP!! For more cute stuff for your hijaab and what-not, check out my etsy site!

Sorry I haven't posted much this week - I've had some pretty major stuff going on! On the weekend, however, I managed to score some awesome material at a closing down sale - 2 huge bags for peanuts practically!! Can't wait to get my sewing area up and running again so I can start some new projects insha allah. It'll be awesome!!

Anyways, I hope to get some more postings up soon but in the mean time, get entering for you chance to win!! Yay for free stuff!! ;o)