Ok, so before I went on holidays I left you with a bit of an enigmatic post about an idea that came down and hit me on the head like the bit of ice I accidentally chucked and whacked a teacher with. But that's a different story.

I've decided to put up my idea and insha allah, hopefully I will be starting on some soon. Perhaps join the Giveaway band wagon and pass some out.

Whilst trying on my last dress endeavour (the red one, just to be clear), I took my little head deco and pinned it to my hijaab. In that split second I was struck with an awesome idea.

Fascinators for Hijaabis.

You can not possibly know how excited I was about this! I'd always looked at fascinators and gone, "well, I can't wear that - bobby pins don't quite work on hijaabs". But I thought, instead of using bobby pins, use just normal pins. Duh, so simple!

I've got a few ideas - I'm thinking of using mostly recycled materials, like stuff I raid from Vinnies or the Salvos, and just getting the bases from Spotlight and what not. I'm going to trial some small ones but I also am thinking of slightly bigger ones. Nothing massive. No peacocks latched to the side of your head or anything. Just something pretty to put on the side of your hijaab, if you like to do that.

So here are just some random ideas I scribbled down during lunch the other day.

I'm thinking of using buttons and making them look not so modern but keeping in line with my vintage clothing designs.

Insha allah I'll make one soon and I'll post it here for you to check out.

Let me know what you think!
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  1. Ooooooohh I LOVE it!!!! They will be fabulous inshallah!! Such a good idea, can't wait to see your finished products xox

  2. Those look so cute!

    Like the numerous berets and clips japanese girls put on their hair!

    I'd dig putting one of those miniature fans in my hair (you know, the cute japanese kind?)

  3. Alysha Says:

    Haha, I actually had those as a sort of inspiration! I used to go into those stores in Osaka & just eye them all off!

    I'll see what I can do about a fan one!

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