Hi lovelies! I'm back from smokey, hot, dry Central Queensland and posting again. I had an awesome holiday, minus those few factors, and also had the most random meeting at Melbourne's Tiger Air baggage pick-up at 11pm with Sakeenah, the gorgeous chicky from Abaya Chic! Awesomely random, I know!! It was one of those "I saw her from across the room" moments ;o)

Anyways, the red dress was a hit at the wedding. The bride, my grandma plus my whole family loved it plus I had a random lady at the wedding come up to me and comment on it. Now that just made my day. Smiles all round!

My grandma and I (well, mostly me grandma) got my sister's formal dress finished. We had to rebuy all the material because the top had to be redone and they had the same fabric but just the tiniest shade lighter!! Grr - frustration!!

Sewing with my grandma was like taking a master class - it was awesome! Learnt tons of stuff and now I can work with tulle. Fun times *wink*

So now I have nothing on my schedule. I am currently running over my idea I posted about before I disappeared up north and will hopefully insha allah have something to post about it soon. However, this weekend is MOVING TIME! So I will be just a tad busy setting up house at our new place. Insha allah though I will get some sketches and new ideas running - that is, once I've unearthed my sketch book from the mass of boxes. Hmmm...
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  1. Sakeenah Says:

    OMG i so totally for got to mention this in my Melbourne post! it was wonderful to meet you!

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