Today is Blog Action Day, where thousands of bloggers around the world blog about one topic. This year's is Climate Change.

So today I am going to be blogging about my new idea - my hijaab fascinators. What do they have to do with Climate Change?

Well for one, I am using a good amount of recycled materials such as beads and buttons that I purchased from second hand stores to make them. By using recycled/used materials, I am limiting my impact on the environment as these materials have already been produced and therefore I am not forcing more beads and materials to be made, creating more emissions from the factories that create them.

This first piece is a simple one, composed of felt, buttons and beads for something more casual or inconspicuous.

This second piece is composed of beads, felt and tulle for a little more bling.

Both pieces are hand-sewn, again reducing my carbon foot-print by limiting the amount of electricity needed to produce these pieces.

These are just my first few - I've got lots of ideas for more that I'm hoping to get around to soon insha allah!

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  1. they are lovely mashallah :)

  2. Those look freaking fabulous :D
    I can imagine wearing the casual grey one on a grey hijab! :DD
    Sorry I didn't comment sooner!

    Btw, do you have any good tips on going to vintage stores/second hand shops?

  3. Alysha Says:

    Thanks luv! Glad you like it ;o)
    Good tip #1 - Etsy. I seem to be able to find way more vintage clothes on that site that are cheaper than buying local (even though it's in USD!) and they have tons of choice. I've already got like 5 dresses from that place!

    Other than that I don't really have many other places to visit - our 2nd hand stores are not so crash hot so online is my fav.

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