Celebrate good times, come on!!

It's done! Finished! Caput! FINALLY!!!!!

Now all I have to do is find someone to wear it for photos while I start on the dress I'll wear to my friend's wedding insha allah. OMG I cannot believe I am actually finished. The shock hasn't worn off yet, probably due to the fact that the lack of sleep is stemming my brain's ability to feel anything. 12am peoples - that's when I finally put in the last stitch.

My brain hurts!

So now I am celebrating, though not too rigorously. Then again, a congo line of star troopers is enough to get anyone dancing. Kool & the Gang, anyone?

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  1. Yayyy!
    I can't wait until you get some photos up! It does look awesome as a top and skirt. Now if only you lived near me and we happened to be the same size and height, I would definitely model for you (just to wear the dress LOL)

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