Super excited peoples!! Last night, at 12am, I packed away my sewing machine after finishing (yes, I said finishing) the top part of my competition dress.

Holy Mongoly!!!!

I cannot believe I would actually see the day! After weeks of fiddly work (and almost chewing my fingers off in frustration at times) I sewed on the little eye and hook clasp at the top of the zip and almost congoed around the room in excitement.

Alhumdulillah, thank God it's done! Well, the top at least! The skirt is easy - that, I am hoping, will be cut out and stitched up by Friday night which will be super fantastic!

Now all I have to do is find someone who it'll fit for photos...

Sorry the pics a bit dark. I was shooting this just on my little pink digital. The bottom is not sewn up - I just tucked it up so you could get more of an idea.

And the back. Oi vey with the invisible zip. Talk about a pain!

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  1. Enny Says:

    Congratulations! Been following you for a while now and silently willing you on :)

    Looks awesome!

  2. Alysha Says:

    Hey Enny! Thanks for the comment - I love getting feedback! Can't wait to finish this one - it's been monumental!!

  3. Skye Says:

    wow hun ur work is AMAZINGGGGGGG keep it up it looks fab..

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