Finally!! Last week I managed to finally find someone who fit my comp dress (since, the idiot I am, made it just too small for myself to wear) and yesterday I managed to get some pics. Introducing my friend Ryoko (not a muslim but such a great sport for getting into the garb) who is such the model! Doesn't she look awesome???

So here are some of the pics. Let me know what you think!!

Oh and yes, I did change the sleeves. The other ones were annoying and I didn't like them. So I changed them. From about a weeks worth of work on the original ones to 4 hours for the new ones, I like these ones better.

Also, I've start on the dress I'm going to wear to my friend's wedding. It doesn't look so great in this pic (for some reason my dressmaker's model has a big butt) though it looks so much better on me. Must get pics with me instead. I think I migh make the neckline a little lower (not too much though) but everything is sewed up and now I just have to make the head-piece and the little sheer stole/cape thing for over the shoulders and we'll be set! Powerhouse this week! Eek!!

Now this will have a belt (haven't got there yet) so at the moment it's just held up with some spare ribbon. Also the ribbon at the bottom is just pinned on but that's soon to be remedied. I'll get more pics with me in it soon insha allah.

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