Ok, so I jumped the gun just a little. I finally found someone who fits my dress and as she's putting it on I realise:

1: the opening the sleeves is a tad too small

2: the seems at the top of the sleeves are pulling and looking all nasty and are getting worse because you have to pull to get the end of the sleeve over your hand.


So I decided to re-do the sleeves. I know! After all that time I took to do them initially I unstitch it all and put a whole new set on. I'm like that. I'll spend hours on a sketch trying to get it right then end up erasing the whole thing because I decide it sucks. Yep. That's me. Ineficient.

But then unfortunately that's my creative process. So now the top has new sleeves. Nicer sleeves, I reckon. They are open bell sleeves (not to big) but at least now they are not uncomfortably tight or anything. Insha allah I'll get some pics with my friend wearing the dress this week and I'll chuck them up.

Now, however, I'm off to bed before I pass out from too much sewing related exhaustion. Phew!!

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