It was a hard slog but I think I may actually be getting somewhere! Last night I spent a good 5 hours going at my comp dress in which I did the facing/lining for the collar, finished off the cuffs of the sleeves and sewed up the black and white bit that goes over the shoulder (which has now been added!!!). Alhumdulillah, what a mad night! And tonight I'll be going at it again, finishing off the lining in the top and possibly even putting in the zip. Hopefully, insha allah, I might actually meet my end-of-week goal (which would be so freakin fantastic, you have no idea!!!).

So here we are - after 5 hours, this is the progress:

Oh, I have just realised something too. I didn't reset the settings for my size after I did my friend Z's dress - what an amateur!! So now I don't actually fit into it (it's about one inch too small around the bust) so I can't keep it!! I think I will just sell it - look out for it on Etsy!!
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