Hola peeps. Today as been muy bien porche my dress is finally taking shape, a la here:

Excitement much?? The lining in the top part is done except for where the zip joins (because I haven't gotten to the zip yet). The arms are finished, the part where the over-the-shoulder bit goes into the red section has been sewn together and so I am hoping to get even more done tonight insha allah! How's that? Tres sweet, I reckon.

Ok, so aside with the french and spanish. I have an announcement so listen up bloggers!

Instead of selling my dress after finishing it for the competition, I thought I would stick it on eBay and have a charity auction - 100% of the profits will go to charity.

Why am I doing this??

No, I have not gone loco from the long hours of hunchback sewing. I've decided that, because I am an amateur seamstress and this is probably never going to be my crowning masterpiece, I do not want to charge someone $300 (and that would be just to cover the material) for something that isn't up there with the other $300 dresses in regards to perfection of stitch etc.

Therefore, I want to auction it off for charity. This way, you'll get a very interesting formal dress and you'll be helping someone out. I am yet to pick a charity but I am thinking the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia or the McGrath Foundation (or maybe both).

So when I stick this up for auction, please tell everyone you know - it would be so awesome (especially being Ramadhan) to give something to these great foundations.

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