Friday morning, 0200, apartment floor...

I'm lying on my back, looking up at my dress thinking to myself "c*$p"

I've just attached the skirt to the top (with pins, no stitching, thank goodness) and I've realised that it looks absolutley... in other words, I'm in pain. I've just spent a good 5 hours doing the skirt and it looks shocking. What the heck went wrong?????

I try to attach it in a number of other ways, add some other bits of material, experiment but it still looks shite!


Saturday morning, 11:30am, my apartment again

So I've gone to spotlight to pick up the materials for my dress I'm going to make insha allah for my friend's wedding at the end of the month and I just happened to buy some black ribbon. I come back home, take one look at the dress and am struck by a stroke of what I'm hoping is brilliance - what if I make it a top and skirt?

So, after some fiddling around on saturday and some more work yesterday on the skirt, here is what has immerged:

Is it me or does the back of this model look slightly hunchbacked?

Ok, so it looks finished but it's not completely. I still have the waste band to put into the skirt but then that's it. Then I'll be finished.

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  1. wooooooooooooooooow Mashallah sis its stunning!!!

  2. Alysha Says:

    Jazakallah! I hope it looks just as good on once I get some pics taken this week insha allah. x

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