So I'll be off on holidays for about a week and a half so you may or may not hear from me. If not, I'll miss you guys! Have a happy Eid and a great next week or so and I hopefully insha allah will be back and rarin' to go with my next project, whatever that may be.

Alysha x

Truly! An idea just literally fell from the sky and hit me on the head. I'm so excited I can hardly wait to start acting on it! It's going to be an extension of my fashion designing but will be more inclined towards accessories rather than full clothing.

HOWEVER, that being said it is definitely going to be hijaab-tastic (though, really, anyone will be able to wear them) and I am hoping to pop them on Etsy for anyone who wants to purchase.

But for now, until I get it going, I'm keeping mum on this thread. You'll just have to wait and see. Intrigued, no?
As my hubby would say, it's all done and dusted. I've finished both dresses, filled out the entrance forms and sent of my entrants for the Spotlight fashion comp. Yesterday before maghrib I broke out the camera and my dodgy broken tripod and took some selfies of me wearing my red dress. This can be worn with any type of hijaab but for all intents and purposes, this is how I'll probably wear it to the wedding. The flower thing on the side of my hijaab is just some black and red felt leaf cut outs sewed together then pinned onto the scarf. The little cape thing can be removed but I like wearing it because it gives the dress just a little bit of bling with the jewelled button.

Let me know what you think!
So I've retty much finished the dress for my friend's wedding. I've decided to go flapper-style and sit the belt on the hips rather than the waist (because for some reason I don't look so hot with stuff tied at the waist. Probably because I'm a ruler). These pictures don't do much for the colour - the red is much nicer and the shadows are terrible. I will get some pics with me wearing it as you can see how it sits nicer on a real person rather than my dummy.

With and with little cape.

Little handmade stretchy belt with black and red felt leaves.

I've also decided to enter this into the competition as well so now I have 2 entries! Phew!

Finally!! Last week I managed to finally find someone who fit my comp dress (since, the idiot I am, made it just too small for myself to wear) and yesterday I managed to get some pics. Introducing my friend Ryoko (not a muslim but such a great sport for getting into the garb) who is such the model! Doesn't she look awesome???

So here are some of the pics. Let me know what you think!!

Oh and yes, I did change the sleeves. The other ones were annoying and I didn't like them. So I changed them. From about a weeks worth of work on the original ones to 4 hours for the new ones, I like these ones better.

Also, I've start on the dress I'm going to wear to my friend's wedding. It doesn't look so great in this pic (for some reason my dressmaker's model has a big butt) though it looks so much better on me. Must get pics with me instead. I think I migh make the neckline a little lower (not too much though) but everything is sewed up and now I just have to make the head-piece and the little sheer stole/cape thing for over the shoulders and we'll be set! Powerhouse this week! Eek!!

Now this will have a belt (haven't got there yet) so at the moment it's just held up with some spare ribbon. Also the ribbon at the bottom is just pinned on but that's soon to be remedied. I'll get more pics with me in it soon insha allah.

I've just realised that because I haven't changed the settings on my twitter bit to the side here (I changed my name the other day) they've been displaying someone else's tweets!! What the...?! I'm not annoyed that the Jay-Z concert is sold out and I sure as heck don't tweet about getting out of the shower. Who's tweets are those???? I'm changing that ASAP!
So I've started on the wedding dress - well, not the wedding dress, just the dress I'm wearing to a wedding. It's going to be a nice dark red with black trim insha allah. I've started already - I predict that it's going to be way easier than the last dress. Much much much! I don't have any pics yet and I am probably going to get my friend to model the comp dress on the weekend so until the I've decided to stick up just something random for today. Reminds me of me when I'm on a roll and can't stop to sleep...

Too funny - I love that website! Anywho, tomorrow I might have something to stick up or I might just do a feature... haven't decided yet...
Ok, so I jumped the gun just a little. I finally found someone who fits my dress and as she's putting it on I realise:

1: the opening the sleeves is a tad too small

2: the seems at the top of the sleeves are pulling and looking all nasty and are getting worse because you have to pull to get the end of the sleeve over your hand.


So I decided to re-do the sleeves. I know! After all that time I took to do them initially I unstitch it all and put a whole new set on. I'm like that. I'll spend hours on a sketch trying to get it right then end up erasing the whole thing because I decide it sucks. Yep. That's me. Ineficient.

But then unfortunately that's my creative process. So now the top has new sleeves. Nicer sleeves, I reckon. They are open bell sleeves (not to big) but at least now they are not uncomfortably tight or anything. Insha allah I'll get some pics with my friend wearing the dress this week and I'll chuck them up.

Now, however, I'm off to bed before I pass out from too much sewing related exhaustion. Phew!!

Celebrate good times, come on!!

It's done! Finished! Caput! FINALLY!!!!!

Now all I have to do is find someone to wear it for photos while I start on the dress I'll wear to my friend's wedding insha allah. OMG I cannot believe I am actually finished. The shock hasn't worn off yet, probably due to the fact that the lack of sleep is stemming my brain's ability to feel anything. 12am peoples - that's when I finally put in the last stitch.

My brain hurts!

So now I am celebrating, though not too rigorously. Then again, a congo line of star troopers is enough to get anyone dancing. Kool & the Gang, anyone?

Friday morning, 0200, apartment floor...

I'm lying on my back, looking up at my dress thinking to myself "c*$p"

I've just attached the skirt to the top (with pins, no stitching, thank goodness) and I've realised that it looks absolutley... in other words, I'm in pain. I've just spent a good 5 hours doing the skirt and it looks shocking. What the heck went wrong?????

I try to attach it in a number of other ways, add some other bits of material, experiment but it still looks shite!


Saturday morning, 11:30am, my apartment again

So I've gone to spotlight to pick up the materials for my dress I'm going to make insha allah for my friend's wedding at the end of the month and I just happened to buy some black ribbon. I come back home, take one look at the dress and am struck by a stroke of what I'm hoping is brilliance - what if I make it a top and skirt?

So, after some fiddling around on saturday and some more work yesterday on the skirt, here is what has immerged:

Is it me or does the back of this model look slightly hunchbacked?

Ok, so it looks finished but it's not completely. I still have the waste band to put into the skirt but then that's it. Then I'll be finished.

Ok, I am full frustrated. I cannot get the titles of my postings any bigger no matter how much I change the HTML or anything!

Does anyone know what to do???
Super excited peoples!! Last night, at 12am, I packed away my sewing machine after finishing (yes, I said finishing) the top part of my competition dress.

Holy Mongoly!!!!

I cannot believe I would actually see the day! After weeks of fiddly work (and almost chewing my fingers off in frustration at times) I sewed on the little eye and hook clasp at the top of the zip and almost congoed around the room in excitement.

Alhumdulillah, thank God it's done! Well, the top at least! The skirt is easy - that, I am hoping, will be cut out and stitched up by Friday night which will be super fantastic!

Now all I have to do is find someone who it'll fit for photos...

Sorry the pics a bit dark. I was shooting this just on my little pink digital. The bottom is not sewn up - I just tucked it up so you could get more of an idea.

And the back. Oi vey with the invisible zip. Talk about a pain!

Hola peeps. Today as been muy bien porche my dress is finally taking shape, a la here:

Excitement much?? The lining in the top part is done except for where the zip joins (because I haven't gotten to the zip yet). The arms are finished, the part where the over-the-shoulder bit goes into the red section has been sewn together and so I am hoping to get even more done tonight insha allah! How's that? Tres sweet, I reckon.

Ok, so aside with the french and spanish. I have an announcement so listen up bloggers!

Instead of selling my dress after finishing it for the competition, I thought I would stick it on eBay and have a charity auction - 100% of the profits will go to charity.

Why am I doing this??

No, I have not gone loco from the long hours of hunchback sewing. I've decided that, because I am an amateur seamstress and this is probably never going to be my crowning masterpiece, I do not want to charge someone $300 (and that would be just to cover the material) for something that isn't up there with the other $300 dresses in regards to perfection of stitch etc.

Therefore, I want to auction it off for charity. This way, you'll get a very interesting formal dress and you'll be helping someone out. I am yet to pick a charity but I am thinking the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia or the McGrath Foundation (or maybe both).

So when I stick this up for auction, please tell everyone you know - it would be so awesome (especially being Ramadhan) to give something to these great foundations.

It was a hard slog but I think I may actually be getting somewhere! Last night I spent a good 5 hours going at my comp dress in which I did the facing/lining for the collar, finished off the cuffs of the sleeves and sewed up the black and white bit that goes over the shoulder (which has now been added!!!). Alhumdulillah, what a mad night! And tonight I'll be going at it again, finishing off the lining in the top and possibly even putting in the zip. Hopefully, insha allah, I might actually meet my end-of-week goal (which would be so freakin fantastic, you have no idea!!!).

So here we are - after 5 hours, this is the progress:

Oh, I have just realised something too. I didn't reset the settings for my size after I did my friend Z's dress - what an amateur!! So now I don't actually fit into it (it's about one inch too small around the bust) so I can't keep it!! I think I will just sell it - look out for it on Etsy!!