It's been a while since I've stuck up some sketches and I thought I'd do something a little different. I may have alluded to the fact a while ago that I've lived in Japan. Whilst over there I made a trip to Harajuku in Tokyo, the suburb famous for it's costume-like attire. It's the mecca for any who loves a bit of cos-play (short for costume play, something that has grown quite a bit over the past 10 years and is now a major feature of conventions such as Comic-Con and Supanova).

Now people wear these kind of clothes every day, to the shops, to the malls, everywhere. That's one of the coolest things about Japan - you can wear anything and no one looks sideways at you.
Half the Harajuku fashion is dark, gothic-like, but then, so is a lot of the anime. The other half are cutesy Alice in Wonderland-like outfits.

This is a pic of my younger sister Em at a store in Harajuku admiring some of the darker stuff. She ended up buying a white outfit - lots of frills, high socks and mary-jane shoes. And a cute little head piece to boot. Too cute. Her outfit cost about $100 but the better quality ones cost anywhere from $200 and up.

Below are some examples of the inhabitants of Harajuku. The left is an example of the more cute and lighter outfits. On the right are the darker.

And so, as it would go, I've put together some sketches inspired by the Harajuku fashion.

I've imagined this one in black and white.

Going a bit trans-continental, the pants would be in a tarten.

So there you go - something a little bit left field but then, we all need something a little wierd every now and then!
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