Holy snappin' dooly, someone pinch me 'cause I think I just moved on from having no sleeves to having sleeves on my dress!! After weeks and weeks (well maybe not that long) of saying I would do them I've finally attached them! Holy snap!

Now they're not completely attached - they're only pinned at the shoulders and tacked along the arms but who cares!?! Not moi. I am psyched baby!

Hopefully insha allah I'll get them all sewed up tonight and the over the shoulder piece attached sometime soon (maybe tomorrow?? I don't want to be too hopeful!).

So here is what it looks like so far. The zip in the back is not installed fully either, just tacked also but that's only because I want to get that over the shoulder part in first (it is tied in with the zip).

All those bags near the bottom of the pic are actually the bags of material! So much material!!!!

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  1. Sakeenah Says:

    horay for sleeves i say!

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