Meet Genie, my partner in crime. She's probably seen more years on this earth than I have, she has a wicked retro flower pattern and although she may not be as talented as other sewing machines (she just doesn't do button-holes), she's one wicked Singer. I picked her up second-hand and just couldn't bring myself to buy a new one and dispose of her - she only has a blown light bulb!

So what do you think of Genie? Doesn't she just fit my vintage theme??

Now for an update: here is what the sleeves now look like for my dress. I'm onto the lining now, which should be tres-fun. However, I may not see to it this weekend. I have a styling appointment with one of my models for my up-coming october photo shoot and a trial shoot with a friend on Sunday. Plus I finally have my sister's formal/prom dress back so I really should check that out before I go an see her at the end of September!!

Otherwise, everything is fantastic!
The outside of the sleeve (I was using my little portable camera here so the flash is way too bright!)
The inside of the sleeves, all nice and neat!
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