Time for a competition dress update. Below are the pics so far (the part for over the shoulder will be "installed" once I get the sleeves done).

Finally sewn the middle insert to the top part. That red material at the bottom is the lining and won't be showing like that of course!

The zip is not fully installed as yet, only tacked in so that's why the bottom part is looking a little skewed.

I might have to put a bit of lining just in the top white part but not in the sleeves. It's not completely see through but is just enough to see the facing. Hoping to get the sleeves done this week and finish off the top part insha allah. We'll see how we go!

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  1. wow, beautiful masha'Allah!

    I can't wait until it's finished :D

  2. Alysha Says:

    Hoping to get a lot more done this weekend insha allah!

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