'Tis been 40 years since Woodstock took place - 3 days of Peace, Love and Music in defiance of the vietnam war and the establishment. It was a protest of phenomenal proportions. Over half a million people turned up (when only 100,000 or so tickets had originally been sold) and for 3 days they listened to the likes of Joe Cocker, The Who, Janis Joplin and Jimie Hendrix and lived in an almost utopic state with not a single outbreak of fighting or show of violence the whole time.
It was a cry from the generation that defined the term 'Hippy', a shout out to give peace a chance in a world that was darkened by constant warring and oppression. It was a protest for peace.

So in honour of those 500,ooo or so hippies that braved the mud and rain and stood together for peace, I've decided to go hippy. I typed "woodstock" into etsy.com and here's what resulted:

Oh angel sleeves, the constant in the hippy wardrobe.

Nice light cotton top with little leather braid around the waist.

This could easily be hijaabified. Classic colours and lurve the belt.

Gorgeous caftan. This one is full length too.

So here's to Peace, Love and Mungbeans. May the spirit of those 3 days in history never die.

Just a random note: the two in the pic above ended up getting married and have been together ever since Woodstock. Peace and love baby, peace and love.

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  1. So...what are mungbeans?
    But anyway, woodstock! Ultimate summer of love? I really don't know, my parents were just children back then @.@
    But I am loving that caftan and angel wing blouse thingy :DDDD

  2. Alysha Says:

    Haha, it's a saying my music teacher uses when she signs off. Not quite sure though... ;o) Yeah, my parents were only little at the time too but I have a feeling one of my friend's mum went. 'Twas the ULTIMATE summer of love!! Apparently there's a movie about it coming out soon called Taking Woodstock. Looks awesome.

  3. I loooooove 60s inspired fashions. Love the angel sleeves too. ;-)

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