Hi all! Wow my weekend was mega-ly busy! On Saturday I ran some errands, fixed up the finishings inside the sleeves of the comp dress and then went to a friend's place to work out her outfits for my October photo shoot (it's going to be so fantastic!!). Then went to another friend's place for dinner and worked out her outfits also - I was in super stylist mode on Saturday!

Then Sunday.

Phew! Woke up for Sehri at 4am, ironed my jeans, got all my props and accessories and cameras together and went down to the lake with my test subject (for privacy sake I'll call her A). 6am Photo Shoots are insane! We had to jump in the car after every outfit to warm back up - the wind was blowing (anyone in Canberra will know how nasty that can get!) and my fingers were frozen but it was still awesome! Got some super pics and had some fun climbing in trees and jumping up on park tables to get them.

Insha allah I'm hoping to do some shoots with my comp dress (using one of my "model" friends) and will stick them up here so you can all see how they're supposed to look!

As for comp dress - well I am putting my foot down. I am going to get it done by the end of this week even if it kills me! Late nights, here I come!!!!

PS: If I don't post for a bit, it'll mean that I'm passed out and I can't drag myself to the nearest computer. Good luck to me! Eek!!
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