Hi all! Wow my weekend was mega-ly busy! On Saturday I ran some errands, fixed up the finishings inside the sleeves of the comp dress and then went to a friend's place to work out her outfits for my October photo shoot (it's going to be so fantastic!!). Then went to another friend's place for dinner and worked out her outfits also - I was in super stylist mode on Saturday!

Then Sunday.

Phew! Woke up for Sehri at 4am, ironed my jeans, got all my props and accessories and cameras together and went down to the lake with my test subject (for privacy sake I'll call her A). 6am Photo Shoots are insane! We had to jump in the car after every outfit to warm back up - the wind was blowing (anyone in Canberra will know how nasty that can get!) and my fingers were frozen but it was still awesome! Got some super pics and had some fun climbing in trees and jumping up on park tables to get them.

Insha allah I'm hoping to do some shoots with my comp dress (using one of my "model" friends) and will stick them up here so you can all see how they're supposed to look!

As for comp dress - well I am putting my foot down. I am going to get it done by the end of this week even if it kills me! Late nights, here I come!!!!

PS: If I don't post for a bit, it'll mean that I'm passed out and I can't drag myself to the nearest computer. Good luck to me! Eek!!
Meet Genie, my partner in crime. She's probably seen more years on this earth than I have, she has a wicked retro flower pattern and although she may not be as talented as other sewing machines (she just doesn't do button-holes), she's one wicked Singer. I picked her up second-hand and just couldn't bring myself to buy a new one and dispose of her - she only has a blown light bulb!

So what do you think of Genie? Doesn't she just fit my vintage theme??

Now for an update: here is what the sleeves now look like for my dress. I'm onto the lining now, which should be tres-fun. However, I may not see to it this weekend. I have a styling appointment with one of my models for my up-coming october photo shoot and a trial shoot with a friend on Sunday. Plus I finally have my sister's formal/prom dress back so I really should check that out before I go an see her at the end of September!!

Otherwise, everything is fantastic!
The outside of the sleeve (I was using my little portable camera here so the flash is way too bright!)
The inside of the sleeves, all nice and neat!
Sorry I've not posted for the last couple of days. I had the most brilliant idea on Friday that I would post a new abaya/caftan for each day of Ramadhan. That idea went out the window quicker than... well, let's just say it went quick.

I was so entirely buggered over the weekend that I barely did anything on my dress. However, that is about to change. Tonight I will hopefully insha allah get my patooty in gear and get the top part done. Seriously, I have my other dress plus my sister's to get going before the end of Ramadhan and if I keep going like this it's never going to happen!!

Insha allah I'm hoping to get some sketches up too, just not at this moment. Hope all my muslim sisters and bros are having an easy Ramadhan!

Peace out xox

Just a quick update - no pics and what not, just some words and a random pic of a Hello Kitty inspired sewing machine.

I have officially sewed the sleeves to the shoulders! Hooray! I've started on the coloured bits at the end of the sleeves but they should be done by tonight (insha allah) since I'm already half way through.

It's on the downhill now - the top parts always the hardest!!

Holy snappin' dooly, someone pinch me 'cause I think I just moved on from having no sleeves to having sleeves on my dress!! After weeks and weeks (well maybe not that long) of saying I would do them I've finally attached them! Holy snap!

Now they're not completely attached - they're only pinned at the shoulders and tacked along the arms but who cares!?! Not moi. I am psyched baby!

Hopefully insha allah I'll get them all sewed up tonight and the over the shoulder piece attached sometime soon (maybe tomorrow?? I don't want to be too hopeful!).

So here is what it looks like so far. The zip in the back is not installed fully either, just tacked also but that's only because I want to get that over the shoulder part in first (it is tied in with the zip).

All those bags near the bottom of the pic are actually the bags of material! So much material!!!!

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1) Sewing - whenever I can!

2) Watching Doctor Who (the new series) on Youtube because David Tennant is the most awesomest actor and he's such a cutie!!

3) making videos with my Sony Vegas Movie Studio software (cos I secretly want to be a movie editor)

4) Kate Miller Heidke's "Last Day on Earth"

5) Writing - cos my characters are screaming at me to get out of my head and onto paper!

My sister over at The Reverts Secret
The chickie of My Vintage Vogue who helps inspire my creations

Bugger. I've just discovered that I've made the sleeves (under the arms) too darn tight. So, in order to remedy this, I had no choice but to redo the white part at the top. All of it. Double bugger. This in turn took a good part of yesterday and as a result I still haven't gotten the sleeves done. Bugger bugger bugger!!

So, I am feeling just a tad frustrated right now. I really need to get a move on if I am to finish this dress and churn out another one that I will then wear to my friend's wedding come end of September. The competition also closes end of september. In short, I have about 5 weeks to do both plus do a little more on my sister's formal/prom dress which she is finally sending back to me after who knows how many months!!


Who's feeling just a tad stretched?

I totally sympathise, Charlie.

'Tis been 40 years since Woodstock took place - 3 days of Peace, Love and Music in defiance of the vietnam war and the establishment. It was a protest of phenomenal proportions. Over half a million people turned up (when only 100,000 or so tickets had originally been sold) and for 3 days they listened to the likes of Joe Cocker, The Who, Janis Joplin and Jimie Hendrix and lived in an almost utopic state with not a single outbreak of fighting or show of violence the whole time.
It was a cry from the generation that defined the term 'Hippy', a shout out to give peace a chance in a world that was darkened by constant warring and oppression. It was a protest for peace.

So in honour of those 500,ooo or so hippies that braved the mud and rain and stood together for peace, I've decided to go hippy. I typed "woodstock" into etsy.com and here's what resulted:

Oh angel sleeves, the constant in the hippy wardrobe.

Nice light cotton top with little leather braid around the waist.

This could easily be hijaabified. Classic colours and lurve the belt.

Gorgeous caftan. This one is full length too.

So here's to Peace, Love and Mungbeans. May the spirit of those 3 days in history never die.

Just a random note: the two in the pic above ended up getting married and have been together ever since Woodstock. Peace and love baby, peace and love.

Don't they just go together? Scarves and brooches - hijaabis love 'em and they're so characteristic of the 1950s. I've scoured Etsy.com for some great examples and I think I may have found some...

All of these are in my favourites to the side if you find them particularly enticing.

I've found one particular store on etsy that specialises especially in scarf and brooch combos so you can get scarves and brooches all matched up and ready to go!

Here are a few examples from Vintage Bouquet:

They have about 50 sets for sale so go check it out!
Time for a competition dress update. Below are the pics so far (the part for over the shoulder will be "installed" once I get the sleeves done).

Finally sewn the middle insert to the top part. That red material at the bottom is the lining and won't be showing like that of course!

The zip is not fully installed as yet, only tacked in so that's why the bottom part is looking a little skewed.

I might have to put a bit of lining just in the top white part but not in the sleeves. It's not completely see through but is just enough to see the facing. Hoping to get the sleeves done this week and finish off the top part insha allah. We'll see how we go!

Last night I got a little bit more done on the dress but I've got no new pics that show anything different so I thought I'd throw out a few more sketches. Just a little something random, not inspired by anything in particular.

Big giant pleats, nice and flowey.

Something cutesy, actually based a little on the dress Kate Miller-Heidke wears in her new vid.

It's been a while since I've stuck up some sketches and I thought I'd do something a little different. I may have alluded to the fact a while ago that I've lived in Japan. Whilst over there I made a trip to Harajuku in Tokyo, the suburb famous for it's costume-like attire. It's the mecca for any who loves a bit of cos-play (short for costume play, something that has grown quite a bit over the past 10 years and is now a major feature of conventions such as Comic-Con and Supanova).

Now people wear these kind of clothes every day, to the shops, to the malls, everywhere. That's one of the coolest things about Japan - you can wear anything and no one looks sideways at you.
Half the Harajuku fashion is dark, gothic-like, but then, so is a lot of the anime. The other half are cutesy Alice in Wonderland-like outfits.

This is a pic of my younger sister Em at a store in Harajuku admiring some of the darker stuff. She ended up buying a white outfit - lots of frills, high socks and mary-jane shoes. And a cute little head piece to boot. Too cute. Her outfit cost about $100 but the better quality ones cost anywhere from $200 and up.

Below are some examples of the inhabitants of Harajuku. The left is an example of the more cute and lighter outfits. On the right are the darker.

And so, as it would go, I've put together some sketches inspired by the Harajuku fashion.

I've imagined this one in black and white.

Going a bit trans-continental, the pants would be in a tarten.

So there you go - something a little bit left field but then, we all need something a little wierd every now and then!
On the weekend I tacked the middle part and shoulder piece onto the dummy to see it what it would look like. I didn't sew it yet - I may sew the middle insert this week so I can put in the zip at the back and then finally put on the sleeves as it tends to be difficult, trying it on with the sleeves but without a zip. I can't feel how tight they are if there is no tension in the back.

So here are some pics - insha allah I'll get the sleeves on during the week. Why is it that the top part is always the hardest??

The middle insert (the red part down the bottom will be cut off). It's not as tight as it looks.

Just imagine this with white sleeves...