I've given up trying to do any of my dress during the week - this one is insanely complicated and I need to devote a couple of hours to it. I work full-time so after work I am severely knackered usually so my brain just doesn't want to work. Never a good state if I want to work on my dress. So it's been relegated to the weekend.

Today, however, I decided to go look at vintage prom/formal dresses on etsy.com. I have not put these in my favourites because, as you will see, they are hideous. Yikes! What were these designers thinking? Clearly from the 80's (my hate period), there is just a plethora of satin and taffeta (shudder) just waiting to be chucked in the nearest waste skip.

I like pink, but I feel slightly queazy looking at these ones...

Yikes to the hip frills. I highly doubt these babies will be making a return to the fashion circuit.

Arm puffs. Need I say more??
I'll be steering clear of any designs that emulate any of the above disasters though I think I would probably gouge my eyes out with my pencil before I sketch something that hideous. I think I might go take a cold shower now...
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