The votes are in and the people have decided. Thanks to Sakeenah over at Abaya Chic, the poll to help decide which dress to make for my formal competition has closed and the most popular one was...

A bit surprising for me considering I just threw this one in so there would be more to choose from! At the moment I am thinking black, white and purple, or possible red instead of the purple. Insha allah I'll be off to Spotlight on the weekend to grab my material. Thanks everyone who voted - you've made my job of choosing a whole lot easier!!

Alysha x
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  1. Enny Says:

    Great work you've done here! I've just started sewing and would love to know how you go about it without patterns. How do you get all the proportions right? Do you have any tips for the novice? I have trouble making things with ready made patterns, let alone making something without it!

    By the way, I like black white and purple (more regal I think)- Black white and red reminds me of the St Kilda football club :P

  2. Alysha Says:

    Hi Enny! Thanks for the comment. I got myself a dressmakers mannequin for second hand (those puppies cost about $250 brand new) and I cut the shape I think I need then pin it to the doll. I cut, pin and mark and then I slowly sew it together. I learnt how to sew lining and what not by looking at other dresses and practicing on some plain cotton. It's all trial and error so have fun!

    I like the purple too - I have some awesome pumps that would go with it. I never thought about the red that way!! Thanks for the warning!

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