Bit by bit - darn it. Why did I have to design something so nastily complicated?? Because I'm a sucker for mental pain, slightly masochistic when it comes to being creative. Who wants to be simple?? When I first told my evil etsy-loving friend (don't worry, I still love you!) that I'd taken up dressmaking, and that my first project was my sister's year 12 formal/prom dress, she told me about a friend of hers who had also recently taken up sewing. She started on a pillow-case.


Pillow-cases are boring (for me, anyway). Plus you can't wear a pillow-case unless you live in JK Rowling's world and you're a house-elf. So now I find myself trying to conquer my competition masterpiece (or what I'm hoping will be a masterpiece!) and this one's taking a little longer than my others...

Here is a snap shot of my design. Notice, this was when I was colour mixing. I decided to go for a bit more red (not purple, as in the picture) and the top part (i.e. the arms) is now going to be white and not black, making it a little lighter and brighter.

The top part (everything from the waist up) is going to be cut out first then sewn together very very slowly on my sewing machine which now has a busted light and no bobbin-twirling thingy (hubby bought me a neat little portable one that looks like a miny make-up case). Here's the next installment of what the dress looks like now...

Inside out baby.

At the same time I've been making my little video which my hubby regards with a lot of exasperation. The tripod has taken up permanent residency in our living room so now there's even more stuff to contend with. Oi vei.
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  1. Eloquence Says:

    can't wait to see what the final will look like :D

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