I've finally put scissor to material and started the dress. I've cut out the front and back, pinned it to my dummy and also cut out the sleeves. The top part is not going to extend down this far but I thought it would be silly to cut it too short. The back is split to allow for an invisible zip to go in there later on. I'm not going to line the top part fully as it would #1 - make it too thick and #2 - no one in Australia would wear a fully lined satin top unless they wanted to simulate a walking sauna. So the only part that will be lined will be from under the bust down. So here it is so far:

The top

The sleeves
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  1. Sakeenah Says:

    lol "walking sauna"
    its its been so cold here lately id love a walking sauna!

  2. Alysha Says:

    If only it was like this all the time in Canberra it wouldn't be so bad!

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