Sorry I've been a little MIA over the last few days. What with a little bit of the flu and the internet deciding to be temperamental, I've not had the chance.

Today I've chosen Vintage Clothing from for my Featured Vintage article. The owner of said site also maintains a blog by the name of "What are they wearing now"
I've found some delightful pieces on her site that, for those who can't help but have them, are luckily also for sale.

Starting with accessories:

Cute little handbag (again, I'm drawn by the giant buttons)

I adore big broaches (as some hijaabis will understand) and this one is just so lively and bright!

Onto some dresse:

Although not hijaab-tastic, I find this little 50s piece too stunning to pass up.

This one is lovely - a little bit of grecian inspiration though not completely.

Only one more day til the weekend, then I'll be back to the competition dresshopefully insha allah. Perhaps I'll have a few pictures more blog worthy by then!

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