Couple of blogs ago I did a feature piece on I put up some pieces I thought would be good pieces to hijaabify or for general inspiration.

This blog, however, is looking at some vintage pieces from that are genuinely hideous.

Introducing - the Disco Ball. As if someone has literally dislodged a disco ball and forced it into the shape of a particularly nasty dress, this Donald Brooks piece will not be inspiring anything soon. Would you spend $800 on this?

These are not too bad, but still not something I would wear. All I see are layers. And none too flattering. If you're going to do layers, please do them right!

Even though I do like the red, the yellow would look horrendous on anyone with my skin (ie super pale) and give that washed out look.

From Valentino, these lacklusture layer-cakes go for $1700 and $3800 respectively.

Finally, this one's a 70's Yves Saint Laurent piece that just screams "I went to the ostrich farm and plucked it dry". Feathers can be cool but not in a fluffy neck ruffle the then snakes around your body on this rather unimaginative dress. I sure as heck wouldn't be decorating an abaya like this - it would do better to keep plain!

This bird-like wonder goes for $3300, though it may indeed be cheaper to buy your own ostrich and just drape it around your neck. Eek!

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  1. clare Says:

    haha! the first one is really really awful!
    well, they are all terrible :D

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