'Tis been a pretty sad time recently and not just with MJ but with so many people suffering around the world. I thought I'd take a quick detour from my usual fashion blogging to note something that truly matters.

This blog is just something I do for fun, but I realise that there are things in life, in this world, that are infinitely more important.

There are always going to be times when everything seems to be going down hill real fast. In these times we need to keep the faith and remember the little things in this world that remind us of the small miracles all around us that make life worth living.

I just remembered a line from a movie I like - V for Vendetta. A little random, I know, but there is a line in that movie that I particularly like.

"God is in the rain."

It's true though. Hollywood got something right for once. And right now, we need to see it.

Remembering not only Michael Jackson, a true musical genius who brought joy and helped a myriad of charities in his lifetime, I pay tribute to 3 others who have not recieved their share of media attention though lived lives no less important.

Spec. Joshua L Hazlewood and 1st Lt. Brian N Bradshaw lost their lives the same day as MJ whilst fighting in Afghanistan. Although these soldiers are Americans and I'm an Aussie, these men fight side by side with our troops and deserve our prayers.

Egyptian woman, Dr. Marwa El Sherbiny was a hijaabi who was stabbed 18 times in a courtroom in Germany after winning a case against a man who had attacked her over wearing hijaab or headscarf. She was also pregnant with her second child.

The families of these people and all those who have lost loved ones recently deserve our prayers and du'a. May Allah/God give them comfort and accept their loved ones into Jannah/Heaven insha allah.

So may everyone have a smile and a rainbow in their lives.

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