I do have pictures today but they're not too exciting and I'd rather put something up when I've added a bit more and it doesn't look like something for the christmas pageant.

Over the weekend I got a bit more done - I attached the top red part (around the bust) and put darts in it so it sits properly. I sewed together the middle black and white insert - that was fiddly to the max. I'm currently cutting and sewing the over-the-shoulder parts so I want to wait til I have those attached before I post some more pics. I still haven't sewn on the sleeves but they can wait.

All in all I'm on a roll (finally)! It's taken a bit getting started, mostly because I can't believe I picked the most complicated design to make. Wait, didn't you guys vote on it? Ha! It's all your fault then!

PS: I'm kidding. Love you guys! x


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