Aww, how sweet! Ldn.Hijabi from London Hijabi has bestowed upon me the honour of The Adorable Blog Award - thanks luv!

And now I'm going to pass it onto:

- The lovely Sakeenah at Abaya Chic
- That cool chicky babe over at The Reverts Secret
- My home-girl Sheryn of Pretty and Pink Designs
- The ever entertaining sister of Modest Justice

Congrats girls! You deserve it. I love all the blogs I follow but I could only choose a few so please don't feel bad if I left you off the list.


Alysha x

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4 Responses
  1. Thanks me darling!! i love being "that cool chicky babe" lol much love!! keep up all the great posts!!!

  2. Sakeenah Says:

    thanx sweety!!! so exciting!!

  3. Ever-entertaining :DD Thank you dearie!
    (Even if you already commented, you deserve a a thank you on your blog!)

  4. Alysha Says:

    No worries lovelies!! xo

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