Yet another detour from the usual. I am in the middle of fixing Z's dress so nothing yet to report...

I was tagged by Cecilia to write 10 honest things about me so I thought, what the heck!

Here are the rules:
- Tell ten things about you that is honest
- Tag some friends and let them know they´ve been tagged


1. I am a night person - I would love to be nocturnal but I doubt that's ever going to happen!

2. I love the creative - I have written a novel, writing my second, enjoy painting, drawing, playing the clarinet amongst other instruments and, of course, love making and designing clothes!

3. I am a Harry Potter nerd - I have the series in both English and Japanese plus all the other little books JK Rowling has written.

4. I would love to be a professional writer or film editor (those are the main ones...)

5. Before I became muslim I was seriously anti-religious. Go figure.

6. I am a Dr Who fan. My scottish flatmate in Japan got me hooked. Two words. David Tennant.

7. I have learnt ballet since I was 6yrs old and I still do it just for exercise and not for performing. Pointe work is painful but I feel so awesome when I pull them on.

8. I think it's hilarious when people ask me where I'm from, expecting some foreign country, and I tell them Emu Park. They think I'm kidding them!

9. Even though my hubby is Indian, I can't handle eating a lot of curries. He usually makes them for himself. He's so good ;o)

10. I love everything Japanese - the food, the fashion, the randomness, the people, the language - so much so my hubby reckons I was born in the wrong country. I would live there again in a heartbeat.

So there you go! Now, who to tag next...

- Ange
- The Reverts Secret
- Modest Justice
- Sakeenah

So there's just a little more about me you probably didn't know. Now I'm off to bed. I've got Z's dress to finish tomorrow insha allah...
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