Sorry I've been a little MIA over the last few days. What with a little bit of the flu and the internet deciding to be temperamental, I've not had the chance.

Today I've chosen Vintage Clothing from for my Featured Vintage article. The owner of said site also maintains a blog by the name of "What are they wearing now"
I've found some delightful pieces on her site that, for those who can't help but have them, are luckily also for sale.

Starting with accessories:

Cute little handbag (again, I'm drawn by the giant buttons)

I adore big broaches (as some hijaabis will understand) and this one is just so lively and bright!

Onto some dresse:

Although not hijaab-tastic, I find this little 50s piece too stunning to pass up.

This one is lovely - a little bit of grecian inspiration though not completely.

Only one more day til the weekend, then I'll be back to the competition dresshopefully insha allah. Perhaps I'll have a few pictures more blog worthy by then!

I do have pictures today but they're not too exciting and I'd rather put something up when I've added a bit more and it doesn't look like something for the christmas pageant.

Over the weekend I got a bit more done - I attached the top red part (around the bust) and put darts in it so it sits properly. I sewed together the middle black and white insert - that was fiddly to the max. I'm currently cutting and sewing the over-the-shoulder parts so I want to wait til I have those attached before I post some more pics. I still haven't sewn on the sleeves but they can wait.

All in all I'm on a roll (finally)! It's taken a bit getting started, mostly because I can't believe I picked the most complicated design to make. Wait, didn't you guys vote on it? Ha! It's all your fault then!

PS: I'm kidding. Love you guys! x


Fineprint - all images on this blog are copyrighted. If you wish to use any of the designs or pictures please let me know and acredit them accordingly.
No pics today, sorry, but I managed to get the middle part sewn together today after much pinning and fiddling. I've just realised how amazingly cherry the red is and was like "oh well, at least it's bright!!"

I'm thinking tomorrow I'll possibly get a little more done, maybe sew the top together. This has taken me a little bit to get going mostly due to logistics. There are so many bits to sew together and I didn't want to sew anything together only to unpick it to add something else. As I said, logistics.

Anyways, I'm hoping that the extra bits of black and white will break up the red and not make it look too much like a costume from an eistedfodd piece. Here's to hoping...
I've given up trying to do any of my dress during the week - this one is insanely complicated and I need to devote a couple of hours to it. I work full-time so after work I am severely knackered usually so my brain just doesn't want to work. Never a good state if I want to work on my dress. So it's been relegated to the weekend.

Today, however, I decided to go look at vintage prom/formal dresses on I have not put these in my favourites because, as you will see, they are hideous. Yikes! What were these designers thinking? Clearly from the 80's (my hate period), there is just a plethora of satin and taffeta (shudder) just waiting to be chucked in the nearest waste skip.

I like pink, but I feel slightly queazy looking at these ones...

Yikes to the hip frills. I highly doubt these babies will be making a return to the fashion circuit.

Arm puffs. Need I say more??
I'll be steering clear of any designs that emulate any of the above disasters though I think I would probably gouge my eyes out with my pencil before I sketch something that hideous. I think I might go take a cold shower now...
Bit by bit - darn it. Why did I have to design something so nastily complicated?? Because I'm a sucker for mental pain, slightly masochistic when it comes to being creative. Who wants to be simple?? When I first told my evil etsy-loving friend (don't worry, I still love you!) that I'd taken up dressmaking, and that my first project was my sister's year 12 formal/prom dress, she told me about a friend of hers who had also recently taken up sewing. She started on a pillow-case.


Pillow-cases are boring (for me, anyway). Plus you can't wear a pillow-case unless you live in JK Rowling's world and you're a house-elf. So now I find myself trying to conquer my competition masterpiece (or what I'm hoping will be a masterpiece!) and this one's taking a little longer than my others...

Here is a snap shot of my design. Notice, this was when I was colour mixing. I decided to go for a bit more red (not purple, as in the picture) and the top part (i.e. the arms) is now going to be white and not black, making it a little lighter and brighter.

The top part (everything from the waist up) is going to be cut out first then sewn together very very slowly on my sewing machine which now has a busted light and no bobbin-twirling thingy (hubby bought me a neat little portable one that looks like a miny make-up case). Here's the next installment of what the dress looks like now...

Inside out baby.

At the same time I've been making my little video which my hubby regards with a lot of exasperation. The tripod has taken up permanent residency in our living room so now there's even more stuff to contend with. Oi vei.
I've finally put scissor to material and started the dress. I've cut out the front and back, pinned it to my dummy and also cut out the sleeves. The top part is not going to extend down this far but I thought it would be silly to cut it too short. The back is split to allow for an invisible zip to go in there later on. I'm not going to line the top part fully as it would #1 - make it too thick and #2 - no one in Australia would wear a fully lined satin top unless they wanted to simulate a walking sauna. So the only part that will be lined will be from under the bust down. So here it is so far:

The top

The sleeves
I heart Ginger Rogers. She's got class, she's got style and she can keep up with Fred Astaire. Triple threat. I was recently directed to a gorgeous dress on by my evil friend who started my love affair with vintage and I thought I would do a piece on the Hollywood icon.

Here's the dress - I adore the pleats under the bust.

One of Ginger's more iconic dresses.

One we could all wear.

This one is super slinky. I would wear this.

And now I'm off to find my sketch book. Ginger's just inspired a whole range of designs.

Ok, so I haven't started properly on my formal dress, but I do have a good excuse! Today is the farewell party for 2 of my work colleagues and it's become a sort of tradition that I make a cake. My cakes take two days to make - day 1: make cake/s, day 2: icing time. You'll see why.

This is my latest cake - as you can see, I get quite arty, not unlike my other creative ventures. Yet another hobby that creates a lot of mess but is so much fun!!



All right, all right, I'll get back to dressmaking now...
Just something I thought I'd try with my editing software. Yay for stop motion!

What do you think??
Ok, so here we go!! I've had an interesting idea regarding my photo diary. I thought 'why not make a video diary?' Hehe. I love playing with cameras and editing programs. So once I have finished this dress insha allah, I will be editing and creating a short 'video' chronicling the creative process. Oh, it won't be like a home video about how I did it or how to make a formal dress. Phfft! That's boring! Just wait and see. My 'home videos' are not like the usual ones...

Yet another detour from the usual. I am in the middle of fixing Z's dress so nothing yet to report...

I was tagged by Cecilia to write 10 honest things about me so I thought, what the heck!

Here are the rules:
- Tell ten things about you that is honest
- Tag some friends and let them know they´ve been tagged


1. I am a night person - I would love to be nocturnal but I doubt that's ever going to happen!

2. I love the creative - I have written a novel, writing my second, enjoy painting, drawing, playing the clarinet amongst other instruments and, of course, love making and designing clothes!

3. I am a Harry Potter nerd - I have the series in both English and Japanese plus all the other little books JK Rowling has written.

4. I would love to be a professional writer or film editor (those are the main ones...)

5. Before I became muslim I was seriously anti-religious. Go figure.

6. I am a Dr Who fan. My scottish flatmate in Japan got me hooked. Two words. David Tennant.

7. I have learnt ballet since I was 6yrs old and I still do it just for exercise and not for performing. Pointe work is painful but I feel so awesome when I pull them on.

8. I think it's hilarious when people ask me where I'm from, expecting some foreign country, and I tell them Emu Park. They think I'm kidding them!

9. Even though my hubby is Indian, I can't handle eating a lot of curries. He usually makes them for himself. He's so good ;o)

10. I love everything Japanese - the food, the fashion, the randomness, the people, the language - so much so my hubby reckons I was born in the wrong country. I would live there again in a heartbeat.

So there you go! Now, who to tag next...

- Ange
- The Reverts Secret
- Modest Justice
- Sakeenah

So there's just a little more about me you probably didn't know. Now I'm off to bed. I've got Z's dress to finish tomorrow insha allah...
So my friend Z got her dress in the mail the other day and unfortunately it was a tad too long in the dress and the sleeves. Oops!

I forgot that Z was a little more vertically challenged than myself (I still love you, Z!) so this weekend I'll be doing some snip snipping and re-sewing to get it up to scratch!

She's got to have it back for a do at the end of next week so insha allah, hopefully it'll take no time at all and I'll have it zooming back to her in the mail on Monday.

THEN, I promise, I'll get around to starting my formal dress.

I mean it this time.

By the way, isn't this the cutest sewing machine? I want one!

Aww, how sweet! Ldn.Hijabi from London Hijabi has bestowed upon me the honour of The Adorable Blog Award - thanks luv!

And now I'm going to pass it onto:

- The lovely Sakeenah at Abaya Chic
- That cool chicky babe over at The Reverts Secret
- My home-girl Sheryn of Pretty and Pink Designs
- The ever entertaining sister of Modest Justice

Congrats girls! You deserve it. I love all the blogs I follow but I could only choose a few so please don't feel bad if I left you off the list.


Alysha x

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'Tis been a pretty sad time recently and not just with MJ but with so many people suffering around the world. I thought I'd take a quick detour from my usual fashion blogging to note something that truly matters.

This blog is just something I do for fun, but I realise that there are things in life, in this world, that are infinitely more important.

There are always going to be times when everything seems to be going down hill real fast. In these times we need to keep the faith and remember the little things in this world that remind us of the small miracles all around us that make life worth living.

I just remembered a line from a movie I like - V for Vendetta. A little random, I know, but there is a line in that movie that I particularly like.

"God is in the rain."

It's true though. Hollywood got something right for once. And right now, we need to see it.

Remembering not only Michael Jackson, a true musical genius who brought joy and helped a myriad of charities in his lifetime, I pay tribute to 3 others who have not recieved their share of media attention though lived lives no less important.

Spec. Joshua L Hazlewood and 1st Lt. Brian N Bradshaw lost their lives the same day as MJ whilst fighting in Afghanistan. Although these soldiers are Americans and I'm an Aussie, these men fight side by side with our troops and deserve our prayers.

Egyptian woman, Dr. Marwa El Sherbiny was a hijaabi who was stabbed 18 times in a courtroom in Germany after winning a case against a man who had attacked her over wearing hijaab or headscarf. She was also pregnant with her second child.

The families of these people and all those who have lost loved ones recently deserve our prayers and du'a. May Allah/God give them comfort and accept their loved ones into Jannah/Heaven insha allah.

So may everyone have a smile and a rainbow in their lives.

Couple of blogs ago I did a feature piece on I put up some pieces I thought would be good pieces to hijaabify or for general inspiration.

This blog, however, is looking at some vintage pieces from that are genuinely hideous.

Introducing - the Disco Ball. As if someone has literally dislodged a disco ball and forced it into the shape of a particularly nasty dress, this Donald Brooks piece will not be inspiring anything soon. Would you spend $800 on this?

These are not too bad, but still not something I would wear. All I see are layers. And none too flattering. If you're going to do layers, please do them right!

Even though I do like the red, the yellow would look horrendous on anyone with my skin (ie super pale) and give that washed out look.

From Valentino, these lacklusture layer-cakes go for $1700 and $3800 respectively.

Finally, this one's a 70's Yves Saint Laurent piece that just screams "I went to the ostrich farm and plucked it dry". Feathers can be cool but not in a fluffy neck ruffle the then snakes around your body on this rather unimaginative dress. I sure as heck wouldn't be decorating an abaya like this - it would do better to keep plain!

This bird-like wonder goes for $3300, though it may indeed be cheaper to buy your own ostrich and just drape it around your neck. Eek!

Alhumdulillah, I finally have my material for my dress. After spending a crazy amount of money on a ton of silks and satins, I left Spotlight with a massive bag, ready to start my project. Insha allah hopefully I'll be starting this week as I have 2 other dresses to also make before September - yikes! In the end I decided to go red instead of purple because there wasn't really any nice purples there. I'll definitely be keeping a photo diary so keep any eye out!

And now I think I'll hide my credit card from myself - it's hurtin' real bad!

This made me laugh - when a regular sized sewing machine just isn't big enough. Good ol' 50s advertising.
This weekend I will be slightly MIA as I will be hunting down the materials I am hoping to use for my formal dress entry and also, before I forget, my dress I am going to wear to my friend's wedding in September insha allah. Golly gosh I am going to be so smacked for time!

So moving on from random made-up idioms, I have decided on black, white and purple. When I have my colour scanner going, I'll scan the design in technicolour so y'all can take a peak.

What is it with me and random talk today?

Anyways, that's what I'll be doing this weekend so I may not get around to posting anything.

So until next time!

Just threw this one in cos I thought is was purty...

My friend - you know, the one who introduced me to vintage clothing and - is celebrating her birthday on Sunday and I only just got around to buying her a pressie. She is just suited for vintage clothing and with her cute little black bob hair cut, her head is just screaming out for a cute hat to go with.

I managed to find this little beauty today during my lunch break (lucky score I think!) and I knew I just had to buy it for her - it's perfect!!

I also love hats and even though I don't wear them, I thought, "if I wore hats..."

This one would be great for the races or a wedding.

From the 50s and oh so cute

Very casual, very awesome

This is just so very obviously vintage and would go with a cute little summer dress for a summer afternoon tea.

This one is my favourite!! This would go awesomely with the dress I plan to make for my friend's wedding. I think I might actually buy it...

So what's your favourite? If you wore hats, what would you wear?? Go here, find your favourite hat and let us know! And if you liked any of the cuties above, they're all in my etsy favs to the right here.

Oh, and to my friend, if she ends up reading this before Saturday night - oops! Hope you like it too!!
The votes are in and the people have decided. Thanks to Sakeenah over at Abaya Chic, the poll to help decide which dress to make for my formal competition has closed and the most popular one was...

A bit surprising for me considering I just threw this one in so there would be more to choose from! At the moment I am thinking black, white and purple, or possible red instead of the purple. Insha allah I'll be off to Spotlight on the weekend to grab my material. Thanks everyone who voted - you've made my job of choosing a whole lot easier!!

Alysha x