Recently I was commissioned by my friend Z* to whip up a few designs for a cheescloth summer dress a la 60's style. She loved one that I featured in one of my earlier blogs and decided to ask if I would attempt making one for her. Considering said dress would probably be easier than my sister's satin monster, I said yes. Plus I need the practice ;o)

So I've sent away some designs to her (below are 2 of those), which I've asked her to pick apart if need be so I can mush together a design that's more to her liking.

So here are the first 2 designs...

The swirly bits are actually the crocheted inserts. This will definitely be a lined dress.

Getting a little more vertical with this one...

I'll stick up the other 2 designs later...

* Z is obviously not my friend's name. I've changed it for privacy reasons. Also 'cos it sounds cool to have a friend named 'Z'
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  1. Raike Says:

    Lovely designs for summer dresses!! Last week, I got a yellow dress from Casual Living... It is perfect for summer time...

  2. Alysha Says:

    Oooh, might have to check it out. Thanks! ;o)

  3. Raike Says:

    What a lovely piece of work.!! I love to wear vintage inspired dresses.

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