So I started on Z's dress on the weekend and actually managed to remember my camera today despite me being absolutely buggered and unable to concentrate on much. And it's only Tuesday...

I'll be drawing this out because a blog post full of just pictures tends to take up a lot of space. So we'll be starting from the beginning, as is customary. (Wow, I'm being sarcastic today).

Here is what we're aiming for:

A nice, relatively simple sundress made from cheescloth with crochet inserts (by the way, why didn't anyone tell me how much that crochet stuff costs?? Holy expensive Batman!)

Here we have the top part. Always a good place to start...

I'm trying to keep it relatively loose but not so loose that it will look like a great white cheesecloth sack. Not unlike what it would have originally been used for.

This is one heck of a project. Not only do I have to use white cotton, but if I bugger it up, I cannot unpick it. At least, not without making little holes in the material and destroying my eyesight. Yikes.

Tomorrow - heading downwards. The bottom part starts to materialise. Stay tuned - it's exciting stuff! ;o)

Alysha x
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