Ok, so I didn't get to the sleeves of Z's dress last night. That's cos I got home at 8:30, cooked, twittered, watched some CSI, then wrote some more of my book. By the time I was finished that, Heroes was over and it was 11:30pm. Probably not the best time to start sewing.

I do, however, promise to get it done over the weekend, insha allah. I have forgotten my sketch book today so I'm not going to be posting any designs, although I have a few swimming around in my head that need extraction soon or I'll lose them.

Instead, I've gone fishing on etsy.com to find some inspiration (or rather, just pieces I like). I recently bought this awesome purple dress, full length, with this cool rouched kind of frill at the bottom. Rockin' 60's piece, I lurve it.

Actually, I have tons (and I mean tons) of friends getting married all around me so I am in a particularly romantic mood. Once I get my hands on my sketch book I will in fact jot down some ideas for weddings insha allah. Seriously, all wedding dresses (well, most, actually) are sleeveless, strapless things nowadays. What happened to sleeves? It's like wedding dress designers have forgotten what sleeves are.
So here are a few examples of full-length wedding dresses (plus they are cheap, like, super uber cheap).

This one's from the 60s. Lace and love-child.

This one is definitely 70s. Got a little Boho going.

Not exactly sure when this one was made but it is victorian all the way. It drapes so nicely.

And, of course, a dress is never complete without the shoes. I like these ones. I think they're 80s, and despite my anti-80s stance, I really like these.

Alright, I'll get back to Z's dress now...
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