So it's been a weird and wacky weekend, complete with fireworks, and I'm wrapping this one up with something a little more ancient history inspired than vintage inspired. I came across this picture of the ancient egyptians in a book on mythology I own whilst doing some research for my #2 novel. I found myself thinking "That would make good inspiration for a dress.

I have to say that the long flowing material and draping thereof really got me thinking. Of course it would have to be something long, but with a little less of the see-through factor.

It would be a two-tone dress, just to give it some definition and make it look less like something from a play about Cleopatra.

The bottom part of the dress is layered rather than the different pieces being in-laid into the skirt.

Introducing the last piece of the Matriach's Birthday celebrations...

So that's it. The End. Fin. 終り。

Until next time, that is...
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