I have rounded the half-way bend and I am on the home straight. Minus the fact that it has no sleeves and the zip is still missing, insha allah I'll be having this puppy done by the end of the weekend. I need to do a little fixer-upper on the skirt part though - cheesecloth is a little more difficult to work with than I first thought and it's gone a little puffy at the hips. Nothing like puffy hips.

Sleeveless and hemless but with full inner lining so to avoid the downfall of transperancy.

And the back (Don't mind the massive pile of folding in the background. That's what happens when you get engrossed in a project. I did get around to doing it finally. At 11:30pm...)

Everything (besides the hips) is sitting well so far. Insha allah I won't totally bugger up the sleeves and the zip will be invisible, as advertised on it's wrapper. Here we go...

(I'm kind of annoyed I don't have photoshop. Could have photoshopped those clothes out in the background. Still can't get over that, obviously. I promise I'll have cleaner shots next time... )

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