Sorry about the last couple of days - I have been voluntarily MIA. I was rewriting and tweeking the last 2 chapters of my book and now that's done it's back to some designing! These two pieces are little bit hippy - I've chucked in some accessories and it doesn't look too bad. Big beads - they're in at the moment so get into Diva or your local cheapie jewelry store and get into them. I have a lovely yellow set that's enough to swing around my head and take someone out with. Fashion and defence weapon - 2 birds with one stone.

This dress has a two layered bottom to it. Plus big belt. Love big belts.

This one was more of a cutsey idea with a little bit of frill around the bottom.

I will be starting soon on a hijaab-tastic dress for my friend Z so in the next few days I'll be publishing some designs and then insha allah I'll be starting it on the weekend. Yay!

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