So if I ever made a dress from ostrich feathers, it definitely wouldn't look like this thing I found on Etsy. I just call it ugly (and not too far from fugly)...

The idea of a skirt made of ostrich feathers though reminded me of the Ginger Roger's era of Hollywood and got me thinking. The thing above is just not elegant enough to warrant feathers. Seriously, when I think feathers I think elegance. Or Robin Hood. But this time elegance.

So once I'd gotten Robin Hood out of my head and stopped humming "Men in Tights", this is what I came up with. A little unusual but then again, if you're wearing a dress with a skirt of ostrich feathers there is a good chance you're not going for the normal look.

The skirt would be flowing and not foofy like the "before" image.

Thus ends my hijaabification of It was interesting. May have to do it again. Have a fantastic weekend insha allah!

Alysha x

NB: If you've never seen Men in Tights it is possibly the most hilarious Robin Hood Parody I've ever seen. Then again, it is a Mel Brooks production...

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