It's the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend!! Long live the Queen, I say. Despite her being about 30 hours and a very expensive air ticket away, here is Oz we are celebrating the monarch's birthday. And what better way than setting off a couple of fireworks in the backyard and annoying the heck out of your fireworks-hating neighbours. It's the weekend that brings the pyro out in all Canberrans, as we are the only ones (except a few places in the Northern Territory) who can set off a few crackers and not get chucked in the back of the paddy wagon (cop wagon) and taken down to the station for the night.

To celebrate I've also gone a little weird (ok, a little weirder than usual), and decided to pull out a few more unconventional designs. This'll be a looooong weekend special.

First up, I've drawn inspiration from this lovely tulle formal/prom dress from the 50s and a sailor's jacket. You heard me, a sailor's jacket.

For example, this one. I took more the inspiration from the collar of it, not the stripes or buttons. Although, that might prove an interesting experiment for later on...

So, locking into the wierder creative corner of my over-active mind, I pulled out a few random pieces that can be work with a hijaab, if you would actually be interested in wearing them! Obviously this was more just a practice in creative sketching, but then, I have seen weirder on the Red Carpet.

Voila! And then, chuck a giant sash on the back in the style of a Japanese Obi. Yep, that'll about do it.

And there's more to come...

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