It's here - Fireworks Weekend. Or, for the rest of the country who aren't allowed to buy and set-off fireworks, the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend. 'Tis one of the great things about living in Canberra. You would think being the capital of Australia it would be especially illegal here. Weird.

Anyways, keeping with my weird and wonderful long weekend madness, here is another random piece of creativity. Inspired by a mix of sailor dress (I know, what is it with me and sailor clothing??) and a long trench-coat. I wouldn't actually mind buying this pink one - I love it!

Of course, I'm losing the belt and making it a little more flowing, but this is the general idea and inspiration. Both these cute little pieces are, of course, from's vintage section. Gotta love that website.
So check this one out. I've gone for gigantic pleats as well, just to add a bit more to the absolute randomness that this dress is. Hope you had a great weekend. I'm going to go set some fireworks off. Yay for the Queen!

Yep, told you it would be weird.

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