Decided to have a little look around on the net for other vintage sellers other than I came across this awesome one called I've pictured here some of my favourites (so far) from the designer pages.

I love this one for it's gorgeous embroidered top and flowing tulle skirt. Also the love the bow.

From Gand Pierre Balmain for $5200

I simply adore the long sleeves on this one. Accordian pleated split angel-wing sleeves with full with crystal beads. I've always had a penchant for long flowy sleeves. Sort of reminds me of Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings. This is a beautiful colour as well - lovely pastel orange, not too bright.

From Ian Thomas for $7500
This is almost abaya-like in it's design. Gorgeous and flowing, beautiful sillouette and embroided with an awesome amount of glittering beads.

From Chic Hanae Mori for $3500.
I just loved this one for it's colours. It's almost sweet in it's combination of pastel blue and yellow. I simply love the draped silk chiffon and it's inspiring some future projects as I write this.

From Jean Desses for $7700.

I'm really beginning to like this website. Expect some more Featured Vintage posts from this site in the future insha allah.

Alysha x
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