Pretty much all I have on my mind at the moment is this formal dress I'm planning to make insha allah. And since I'm just waiting for the results from the votes to come in, I decided to go raid etsy and find some cool prom/formal dresses that may serve as inspirational at a later date.

Here is what I found...

Black and purple rocks! Possibly the only 80's dress I found worth mentioning, I love the back. Not so sure about the big glasses and lace-ups. Didn't Bella wear shoes like that to her prom in the Twilight movie? I don't know if I could destroy a prom dress like that - only if it were my style, I suppose...

Love the red. Love the frills. Love it full-stop.

Again another poofy one from the 50's, but I just had to put it up. The lace is just too cute.

I knew a girl who wore something very similar to this for her wedding. All the ruffled satin and lace just screams gorgeous.

I love the formal/prom dresses. Even though they take so much longer to make than normal everyday clothes because of all the lining etc, I just love creating something gorgeous.

So now I'm back to waiting. Sakeenah? What am I making?

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